Parking Permits

Parking permit schemes are used in car parks where unauthorised parking is prevalent. The main type of car parks permits are used for are staff car parks which tend to be in built up areas, or residential properties and complexes. There are different ways of optimising a permit parking scheme, the main ones are either controlling who parks or you can sell permits to earn additional income

  • Free warden patrol service to ensure parking conditions are being followed
  • Free Permits Supplied – Each Year
  • Fully managed parking permit scheme
  • Prevents unauthorised parking
  • Make sure your staff can park when they arrive to work
  • Let your tenants or staff park with peace of mind
  • Unique PIN number for each permit

This system is most effective when accompanied by a warden patrol enforcement service. In some cases, permits can be used as season tickets to generate revenue from parking spaces.

HX Car Park Management Ltd offers a supply only service, where by you can self manage your land. However, for the best outcome, we recommend a fully managed service provided by us which will provide you with the control you require.

A parking permit scheme management is provided completely free of charge when you use our enforcement services.

All our permits have unique pin numbers so they can not be copied, this ensures we always know who is parked on your land. The pin number always relates to a vehicle registration number (VRN) We annually update our permits, with a new design although we can make bespoke permits especially for your site, for example a permit with your company logo on etc.

With so many variations available for parking permit schemes, please get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote. We will advise you on what we think the best way forward is for you and your land.

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