Maximum Stay

A Maximum Stay parking management scheme is very popular in busy car parks, such as retail parks, hospitals, multistory car parks and other busy complexes. This prevents commuters and unauthorised parking from misusing the parking spaces, which loses you space and money.

  • Free ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera system including installation
  • White list available – Make sure staff, visitors etc never get a ticket
  • Limit period of free parking (optional)

Maximum stay is essentially a limited period of free parking (optional). It allows genuine users to use the facility, but at the same time prevents abuse from long stay or unauthorised vehicles.

This system is most effective when an ANPR (automated number plate recognition) enforcement service is used with a Warden Ticketing Service.

HX Car Park Management Ltd have all the latest technology systems available to ensure you receive the most effective system available, which gives you peace of mind and assurances that your car park is being used as it was intended to.

ANPR systems are free of charge, subject to site survey. The minimum car park for a FREE system would be 40 spaces. However, if you have less than 40 spaces and you think ANPR would benefit you, please get in touch as the rules aren’t always black and white!


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