Court Information

Court Information

HX Car Park Management Ltd work alongside landowners to protect their income and/or manage their land. With this is mind we always do our utmost to prevent misuse of land. If you have received a PCN from us it must be resolved fully. In payment, appeal, debt recovery or court.

HX Car Park Management Ltd are dedicated to investing in legal action in order to pursue unpaid Parking Charge Notices (PCNs).  Parking charges on private land are more enforceable than ever and we endeavour to instigate legal action wherever possible. Please note that a County Court Judgement could have a serious impact on future credit, making renting a property, applying for a credit card or any mortgage applications very difficult or impossible.

Last year a court case was held in London, UK. at the Supreme Court where the court ruled in favour of the private parking industry. There is a link below to read the outcome of this court case.

HX Car Park Management Ltd would like to take this opportunity to advise you to do your own research into private parking and not believe all the online myths like ‘you don’t have to pay them’ ‘parking cowboys’ etc, the private parking industry is fully legislated and we work to a strict code of practise of the IPC – International Parking Committee.

IPC Code of Practice
Supreme Court Verdict

With all the above taken into account, HX Car Park Management Ltd, will have all the correct information and evidence to get a judgement in court against any outstanding PCNs.

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